Parker United Methodist Church
Monday, July 22, 2019
Seeking Wisdom For Every Day Living

Get Involved




 a monthly gathering to hang out with new and former friends 

Why would you want to eat, drink, and be merry with us? We are a fascinating group of progressive Christians who are open to getting to know you better. In fact, we find the uniqueness of each new person invigorating to our community. We are a diverse group of people: from jobless to wealthy, from young children to retired-yet-active seniors; we are artists, writers, and musicians as well as moms, doctors/nurses. We work in ecology, teach school, do office work, sell real estate, practice law, trade on the stock market, and guide community volunteers. We train managers, chair non-profit boards, work in libraries and coffee shops, and sell furniture. Wanna know more?

Come share a pot-luck meal on the last Sundays of the month and let's talk! 



The School for Contemplative Living

a ministry of Rayne United Methodist Church
also supported financially by individual donations

Listening in Stillness

Cultivating a contemplative presence for God involves daily practice of spiritual disciplines in solitude. This for us is the inward journey. And the journey cannot be completed alone, so it requires practicing with a community of supportive friends. Together we seek to live a consecrated life: practicing oneness with God in solitude and in community. 

Serving in Joy! 

Presence for God brings us into God's heart for the world. The result is action, a response of serving. This for us is the outward journey. We serve through our life vocations and through shared missions. For more info go to or call William Thiele, spiritual director of the School for Contemplative Living, at 504-899-3431.

A Place For Healing and Hope 
A Free Medical Clinic sponsored by Rayne
and Mt. Zion United Methodist Churches
This free medical clinic, located near People's United Methodist Church at 2023 Simon Bolivar Blvd., provides hope, health, and healing in response to the medical, mental, and spiritual health concerns of post-Katrina New Orleans. We encourage you to join us each Tuesday evening as we work with our fellow New Orleanians in this recovery. The medical clinic opens at 5 p.m.

Open Table
Homeless Hospitality
Tuesdays at 3 p.m. at Mt. Zion UMC,
 2700 Louisiana Ave.
Here we make friends, share shelter vouchers to the Salvation Army, and serve meals, toiletries, clothes, and books.